As Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir

8th April 2017 Mendelssohn Elijah

Una Barry, Gaynor Keeble, Derek Ward, Andrew Mahon, Reuben Vasey-Saunders
WGHS Junior School (Under 11) Choir
Amici Ensemble


19th November 2016 Haydn Creation

Sarah Power, Ben Thapa, Miles Taylor
Amici Ensemble

11th June 2016 Beethoven Missa Solemnis

Yorkshire Voices – Harrogate Choral Society & Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir
Sarah Fox, Melanie Marshall, Ben Thapa, David Soar
Manchester Camerata

19th March 2016 Chilcott A Little Jazz Mass
Todd Mass in Blue

Laura Barnes
Leeds College of Music Jazz Band

28th November 2015 Handel Messiah

Bethany Seymour, Hannah Mason, Ben Thapa, Andrew Mahon
Amici Ensemble

24th October 2015 Chilcott A Little Jazz Mass
Rutter Requiem

Thomas Moore, Roz MacDonald, Matthew Dabbs
Rhiannon McKeown
Amici Ensemble


4th July 2015 The Music of America

Bernstein Chichester Psalms
With music by Barber, Copland, Gershwin, Kern, Lauridsen, Shearing, Whitacre and others

Laura Barnes
Thomas Moore


29th March 2015 Bach St John Passion

Gwilym Bowen
Katy Kelly, Edward Button, Tim Kennedy, Phil Wilcox, Henry Hawksworth
Amici Ensemble


15th November 2014 Copland Fanfare for the Common Man
Parry I was Glad
Poulenc Gloria
The Spirit of England
Samantha Hay
Amici Ensemble

This concert was dedicated to Richard Haigh, former Chairman of the choir, who died in September 2014.


21st June 2014 Magical Mozart on Midsummer’s Day

Coronation Mass
Solemn Vespers
Exsultate Jubilate
Rhiannon Beck
Piano Concerto No 20 in D Minor
Niklas Duckworth

12th April 2014 Elgar Dream of Gerontius

Gaynor Keeble, Robert Jonston, John Cunningham

16th November 2013 Britten St. Nicolas

Simmons The Sun in Splendour

Schubert Mass in G
Ben Thapa, Laura Barnes
Dancers from CAPA

29th June 2013 Jenkins The Peacemakers

Christina Jones
Richmond House School Choir

20th April 2013 Bach Mass in B Minor

Sarah Ogden, Lynda-Jane Nelson, Matthew Minter, Thomas Guthrie

3rd November 2012 The Diamond Decades

Celebrating 60 years of Choral Classics with The Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir
Thomas Moore (organ)

30th June 2012 A Royal Celebration music to celebrate The Queen’s Jubilee

Thomas Moore (organ)

Rothwell Temperance Band
24th March 2012 Orff Carmina Burana

Samantha Hay, James Micklethwaite, Thom Meredith
Tom Moore, Steve Moore (pianos)
Royal Northern Percussion Sextet


Ramirez Misa Criolla
Mestisa (Latin American folk ensemble)
November 20th 2011 Handel Messiah

Christina Jones, Matthew Lennox, Tim Kennedy, Alistair Ollerenshaw

October 29th 2011 Bach Magnificat

Mozart Mass in C Minor

Helen Withers, Sarah Ogden, Lynda-Jane Workman, Peter Wilman, Louis Hurst

July 2nd 2011 Midsummer MusicMaxine TaylorLucia Walsh-Hughes

Eileen Spencer and Thomas Moore

May 21st 2011
Will Todd Mass in Blue

Chilcott Little Jazz Mass

Bethany Halliday

March 26th 2011 Brahms Requiem

Chilcott Little Jazz Mass 

Maxine TaylorChe Seabourne

Lambert Rio Grande

Thomas MooreNick Watts

November 21st 2010
Handel Messiah
Lucia Walsh-Hughes, Angharad Lyddon, Peter Wilman, Alistair Ollerenshaw
October 3rd 2010 Last Night of the Proms

Christina Jones,Alexander Grove

June 19th 2010 Bielby This Precious Earth

Maxine Taylor, Ben Davies, Thomas Moore, Lies Beijerinck, QEGS Junior School Choir

Vivaldi Gloria

Maxine Taylor, Chanelle Schofield

Poulenc Organ Concerto

Thomas Moore

March 27th 2010 Monteverdi Vespers of 1610

Bethany Seymour, Joanna Patocs, Matthew Lennox, Peter Wilman, Daniel Farrimond, Philip Wilcox, Alistair Ollerenshaw

November 14th 2009
Elgar Music Makers
Rutter Magnificat
Gaynor Keeble
September 26th 2009 Yorkshire Voices –Harrogate Choral Society and Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir
Jenkins Armed Man
Fanshawe African Sanctus
Maureen Brathwaite, Beth Mackay, Paul Dutton, Alistair Ollerenshaw
June 13th 2009
Haydn Maria Theresa Mass, Te Deum 

Lucy Morton, Melissa Lunn, Simon Allatt, Alistair Ollerenshaw

Haydn Trumpet Concerto 

Murray Greig

April 4th 2009
Karl Jenkins Stabat Mater
John Rutter Feel the Spirit
Belinda Sykes, Melanie Marshall
November 15th 2008 Mozart Requiem

Brahms Alto Rhapsody

Maria Bovino, Margaret McDonald, Matthew Minter, John Cunningham

Mozart Clarinet Concerto

Emma Johnson

July 12th 2008 Brass and Voices

Rothwell Temperance Band

June 7th 2008 Yorkshire Voices – Harrogate Choral Society, Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir and Leeds Met SingersVerdi Requiem

Lynne Dawson, Gaynor Keeble, Bonaventura Bottone, Ben Davies

March 8th 2008
Will Todd Mass in Blue 
Bethany Halliday, John Helliwell
November 17th 2007 Last Night of the Proms

including Borodin – Polotsvian Dances

Louise Sjostedt, Alexander Grove

July 14th 2007 Brass and Voices

Rothwell Temperance Band

June 23rd 2007 Mendelssohn Elijah

James Micklethwaite, Kate Valentine, Gayner Keeble, Shawn Dixon, and Glenville Hargreaves

March 24th 2007
Duruflé Requiem
Stainer Crucifixion
Rebecca Atkins, William Helliwell, Miles Taylor
November 18th 2006
Carter Benedicite
Jenkins Requiem and In these stones horizons sing
Paul Carey Jones, John Helliwell, Joe Browning, Christina Jones, James Micklethwaite
September 23rd 2006 (Howden Festival) Fanshawe African Sanctus

Maureen Brathwaite

July 15th 2006 Brass and Voices

Crofton Silver Band

June 10th 2006
Fauré Requiem
Rutter Mass of the Children and Feel the Spirit
Nicola Mills, Melanie Marshall, Tom Guthrie
April 1st 2006
Mozart Ave Verum Corpus, Exsultate Jubilate and Solemn Vespers;
Vaughan Williams An Oxford Elegy;
Handel Dixit Dominus
Kate Valentine, Sasha Johnson Manning, Alison Hudson, Olivier Dumait, Adam Green, Graham Heley
November 19th 2005
Handel Messiah
Lynne Dawson, Margaret McDonald, Joshua Ellicott, Ben Davies
November 12th 2005
Barber Agnus Dei
Rossini Petite Messe Solennelle
Dawn Furness, Gaynor Keeble, Bonaventura Bottone, Thorbjorn Gulbrandsoy
July 9th 2005
Brass and Voices
Horbury Victoria Brass Band
June 11th 2005
Haydn Creation
Phillipa Hyde, Christopher Turner, Adrian Powter
March 5th 2005
Orff Carmina Burana
Jenkins The Armed Man
Patricia Rozario, Margaret McDonald, Glenville Hargreaves
November 14th 2004 Handel Messiah

Emma Kirkby, Marie Elliott Davies, Joshua Ellicott, Ben Davies

November 6th 2004
Rutter Gloria and Requiem 
Simmons Beauchamp Gloria
Leighton Fanfare on Newtoun 
Hannah Ball
June 26th 2004
Fauré Cantique de Jean Racine
Bernstein Chichester Psalms
Fanshawe African Sanctus
Maureen Brathwaite
March 27th 2004
Bach St. John Passion
Joshus Ellicott, Ben Davies, Sasha Johnson Manning, Daniel Wellings, Robert Thompson, Adam Green
November 16th 2003
Handel Messiah
Maria Bovino, Margaret McDonald, Robert Johnston, Willard White
November 8th 2003
Mozart Ave Verum Corpus and Coronation Mass
Vaughan Williams Flos Campi
Fauré Requiem
Rachel Payne, Marie Elliott, Matthew Minter, Ben Davies, Patrick Heley
June 7th 2003
Handel Three Coronation Anthems
Parry Blest Pair of Sirens and I was glad
November 10th 2002
Handel Messiah
Emma Kirkby, Daniel Wellings, Robert Johnston, Michael George
November 2nd 2002
Vivaldi Gloria
Purcell Dido and Aeneas 
Hannah Ball, Maria Bovino, Rosalyn Cochrane, Sophie Wellings, Nicola Harrison, Christina Lee, Elena Markova Smith, Simon Allatt, Chris Guthrie
October 4th 2002
Vivaldi Gloria
Handel Messiah (excerpts) in Dewsbury Minster for the Dewsbury Christian Music Festival
Elizabeth Allen, Elena Markova Smith, Simon Lindley
June 29th 2002
Handel Zadok the Priest
Charpentier Te Deum
Mozart Requiem
Hannah Ball, Sophie Wellings, Daniel Wellings, Robert Thompson, Chris Gulley
March 23rd 2002 Brahms German Requiem

Julia Dewhurst, David Thomas

Elgar The Music Makers
Margaret McDonald

November 3rd 2001
Handel Messiah
Emma Kirkby, James Huw Jeffries, Kevin McLean-Mair, Richard Strivens
June 16th 2001
Elgar The Dream of Gerontius
Julia Parrott, Robert Johnston, Ben Davies
March 31st 2001
Bernstein Chichester Psalms
Fanshawe African Sanctus 
Gillian Rae-Walker, Daniel Wellings
[For the African Sanctusthe choir wore a variety of brightly-coloured shirts, and we were joined by some genuine Zulu dancers – who succeeded in getting virtually the entire audience dancing in the Cathedral aisles during the repeat of the final chorus.]
November 4th 2000
Mendelssohn Elijah
Maria Bovino, Margaret McDonald, Mark Padmore, Willard White
June 10th 2000
Church Music throughout the last Millennium
– a programme which started with Gregorian Chant and worked its way through Byrd, Weelkes, Gibbons, Purcell, Wesley, Bairstow, Finzi and Howells to Tavener and Rutter.
April 1st 2000 Stainer The CrucifixionFauré Requiem
Anna Turmeau, Robert Thompson, Tayo Aluko
[The highlight of this concert was the second half, when for the Fauré Requiem the only people using copies were the two soloists, the organist and the conductor; it was quite some performance!]
November 6th 1999
Haydn The Creation
Sasha Johnson Manning, John Haythornthwaite, Kevin Sharp

As Yorkshire Chamber Choir

June 26th 1999
Music of the Emerald Isle
sacred and secular music by Thomas Bateson, Ralph and Daniel Roseingrave, Stanford and Wood, with arrangements of Irish pieces by Andrew Padmore and John Rutter.
March 27th 1999
Rossini Petite Messe solennelle
Fiona Clucas, Taylor Wilson, Sean Kerr, Ben Davies
November 14th 1998
Haydn Insanae et vanae curae
‘Nelson’ Mass in D minor
Maria Bovino, Der-Shin Hwang, Robert Thompson, Marcus Pashley
[This concert also included a performance of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto and Four Pieces for Musical Clocks]
June 13th 1998
Mozart Requiem Mass
Elgar The Music Makers
Maria Bovino, Der-Shin Hwang, Mark Anderson, Julian Saipe
[The Mozart Requiem was also performed with Handel’s Zadok the Priest on June 7th in Haworth Church for the Brontë  Society, in a concert to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the deaths of Patrick Branwell Brontë (24.9.1848) and Emily Jane Brontë (19.12.1848]
March 28th 1998
Twentieth Century Music
– sacred and secular works by Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Stanford, Bairstow, Thomas Ward, Patric Standford, John Holt, Balfour Gardiner, Britten and Sullivan.
November 8th 1997
Haydn Missa Brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo (‘Kleine Orgelmesse’)
Handel Dixit Dominus
Mozart Sancta Maria, Mater Dei; Ave verum; 
Vivaldi Gloria
Sasha Johnson Manning, Celia Gibb, Neil Hopwood, Charles Beale, Richard Haigh
June 21st 1997
Mendelssohn Hear my Prayer; Frühzeitiger Frühling; 
Schubert Chor der Engel; Mass in G; 
Brahms Song of Destiny; In stiller Nacht; Schubert Stabat Mater.
March 8th 1997
Handel Messiah
Sasha Johnson Manning, Helen Francis, Mark Anderson, Tom Guthrie
November 23rd 1996
Walton Coronation Te Deum
Howells ‘Collegium Regale’ Te Deum
Padmore Psalm 150
Howells ‘Collegium Regale’ Jubilate
Rutter Gloria
June 22nd 1996
Copland In the beginning
Howells Take him, earth, for cherishing
Barber Agnus Dei 
Cari Searle
March 16th 1996
Duruflé Requiem
Stainer The Crucifixion
Sandra Twitchett, John Dunford, Patrick Heley
November 11th 1995
Handel Four Coronation Anthems
Purcell Come ye Sons of Art
Rachel Bennett, Tom Wilson, Ben Davies
June 17th 1995
Brahms Liebeslieder Waltzes
shorter pieces by Elgar, Bishop, Walmisley, Stanford, Warrell, Vaughan Williams, Rutter
Ben Davies
[This concert took place in Pontefract Town Hall.]
March 25th 1995
Liszt Via Crucis
Kodély Missa Brevis
Ben Davies
November 17th 1994
Bernstein Chichester Psalms
Finzi Lo, the full, final Sacrifice
Rutter Requiem
Justine Bradshaw
June 18th 1994 ‘A Cappella’ programme of sacred and secular choral music by Byrd, Purcell, Stanford, Wood, Morley, Elgar, Vaughan Williams and Sullivan.[This programme was also performed at St. Peter and St. Paul, Kettlethorpe on June 8th and All Hallows, Almondbury on July 9th.]
March 26th 1994
Bach St. John Passion
Peter Young, Patrick Heley, Paula Dunford, James Huw Jeffries, Melvyn White, Kenneth Park
November 13th 1993
Haydn The Creation
Virginia Rushton, Melvyn White, Matthew Broadbent
June 12th 1993
Vivaldi Gloria
Faure Requiem
Judith Pearson, Justine Bradshaw, Elizabeth Pilkington, Quentin Brown
[This programme was put together in about five weeks, after our return from the weekend in Germany; the resulting performance prompted cellist Anna Shuttleworth to comment to Andrew that it had been a long time since she’d heard a choir sing better than that.]
March 20th 1993
John Holt Drop, drop, slow tears
Purcell Music for the funeral of Queen Mary II
Jongen Mass
Judith Pearson, Liz Pilkington, Chris Hewitt, Patrick Heley
November 7th 1992
Bach Mass in B minor
Paula Dunford, Valerie Littledyke, John Dunford, Geoffrey Littledyke
May 16th 1992 Rutter O clap your hands; For the beauty of the earth; Te Deum; Gloria
April 4th 1992
Rossini Petite Messe solennelle
Faure Cantique de Jean Racine
Judith Pearson, Jane Hobson, Melvyn White, Patrick Heley
[This concert was in Wakefield Town Hall as part of the Wakefield Concert Society season.]
June 15th 1991
Purcell Come ye Sons of Art
Mozart ‘Coronation’ Mass in C
Judith Pearson, Justine Bradshaw, Simon Barton, Douglas Jones, John Dunford, Patrick Heley
March 9th 1991
Kodely Jesus and the traders
Howells Take him, earth, for cherishing
Tchaikovsky Legend
Stainer The Crucifixion 
Charles Beal, Patrick Heley
November 3rd 1990
Durufle Requiem; Four motets on Gregorian Chants; 
Messiaen O Sacrum Convivium
Fauré Cantique de Jean Racine
Judith Pearson, Patrick Heley
June 16th, 1990
Haydn Insanae et vanae curae
Mozart Sancta Maria, Mater Dei
Mendelssohn Hear my Prayer
Elgar Give unto the Lord
Schubert Mass in G
Charles Beal, Patrick Heley

As Thornesian Singers

June 17th 1989 Britten Rejoice in the Lamb
Durufle Ubi caritas
Philip Bullock Dieu! Qu’il la fait bon regarder
Burge Sunblue Kodaly Missa Brevis
Conductor: Gareth Green